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The Lipotrim Pharmacy Weight Management Programme is now available from Wildwood Pharmacy

Our pharmacists Prakash Pateland Tahlia Mellor and staff are highly trained in weight management, especially Lipotrim, and can help you lose weight quickly, comfortably and healthily. Females using Lipotrim can expect to lose on average, 1 stone every 4 weeks with males losing 1.5 stone every 4 weeks (individual weight losses may vary – most will lose this much, while some may lose more).

Lipotrim is a total food replacement programme which means you will be swapping all of your conventional foods for those supplied by us at the pharmacy (please ask us for prices). You will still be eating food but in the form of specially formulated, complete nutrition, shakes, soups or bars. They will keep you healthy as they contain the necessary vitamins, minerals, trace elements and macronutrients you require, but in the minimum safe number of calories. It is also essential that you consume only plain water, still or sparkling, plus optional black tea and black coffee (with or without an artificial tablet sweetener).

The Lipotrim programme is specially designed to vastly decrease your desire for food whilst on the diet.

Weight loss is especially useful if you have high blood pressure or suffer from type 2 diabetes. Wildwood Pharmacy has the expert knowledge, through extensive training, to advise and treat many weight influenced medical conditions whilst dieting.

Wildwood Pharmacy offers you a free, confidential, NHS Medicine Use Review which will help us discuss the medicines you are currently taking and how the significant weight loss, from using our Lipotrim programme, can possibly help you reduce or even stop some of the medicines you take (coordinated with your GP where necessary).

Wildwood Pharmacy is pleased to offer extended opening times, meaning we will also be able to help, advise and monitor your weight not only throughout the weight loss phase but also long term. Wildwood Pharmacy will do their best to ensure you stand the best possible chance of keeping off the lost weight.

You will need to leave any diet preconceptions behind. Lipotrim really works. People who are serious about their long term health by losing excess weight, and keeping it off, should contact us at Wildwood Pharmacy today to find out more.

Lipotrim have produced a Lipotrim Patient education DVD. Please take the time to watch this and understand how we at Wildwood Pharmacy will be helping you and your health through weight loss and long term weight management.

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